QuantumSphere Completes Nanocatalyst Plant

QuantumSphere, Inc. completes its manufacturing facility for the production of the company’s FeNIX nano iron catalyst product. QSI’s FeNIX nanocatalysts, applied as a coating to existing commercial ammonia catalysts, reportedly provide a “turbo-charging” effect to catalytic activity. Earlier this year, FeNIX nanocatalysts demonstrated an increase in production rate by 10-15% in a commercial reactor, according to QuantumSphere.

QSI announced in May its multi-year joint development agreement with Swiss-based Casale, S.A, provider of production technologies for ammonia, urea, melamine, methanol, syngas, nitrates and phosphates. Casale’s reactor production technologies are reportedly utilized in approximately 38% of global ammonia production and 39% of global methanol production.

Casale and QSI will collaborate on the development of commercial technologies for ammonia, methanol, and other industrial chemicals. Casale will use QSI as its exclusive provider of nanocatalysts for its chemical synthesis processes during the term of the agreement.

For more information, visit: www.qsinano.com

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