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QuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI or the Company) develops and manufactures proprietary high-performance nanoscale catalysts which are used to increase the rate of chemical reactions. Demonstrated results by QSI reduce costs and increase efficiency in the generation, storage, and use of energy. QSI also actively develops high-value commercial applications for its products across a range of carefully selected specialty chemicals and energy storage markets, typically in conjunction with the sector’s end-market leaders.

Industry leading companies are engaged and depending on QSI’s award winning products to provide competitive advantage for their new offerings in multi-billion dollar and high-growth market opportunities. With validation and lead customers in place, key segments addressed by QSI include metal-air batteries for electric vehicles and large-scale grid storage; direct methanol fuel cells for military applications; and more efficient chemical production for ammonia and other high-value industrial chemicals. QSI is backed by more than 50 patents issued and applications pending, has recently achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, and is at a major growth inflection point as it is poised for expansion and profitability with multiple customer products in development or launching. Click here to view QSI’s corporate introductory video:

A multi-billion dollar global industry, catalysts are essential to the world’s industrial production. As much as 90% of all chemical processes utilize catalysts (petroleum refining, pollution abatement, and production of fuels and chemicals) and 60% of all industrial products (fertilizers, plastics, and pharmaceuticals) are made using catalysts. Catalysts are now seen as a preferred way to improve process efficiency, lower costs, increase output, use less energy, and meet both performance and environmental standards. This is placing a strong emphasis on the development of new catalysts with higher activity, increased longevity, and reduced environmental and/or health impact.

The extent of the catalyst market may not be apparent to the casual observer because catalysts are mostly used in intermediate processing steps, but catalysts are a multi-billion dollar industry. Current global catalyst markets are in excess of $12 billion annually. Nanocatalysts sales are projected to reach $6.0 billion by 2015 and will play a critical role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the generation, storage, and usage of energy. Sources: Freedonia Group, Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

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