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QuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI or the Company) manufactures proprietary high-performance catalysts (used to increase the rate of chemical reactions) and develops components that lower costs and improve output of key industrial processes. Demonstrated results by QSI translate into greater efficiency in the generation, storage, and use of energy. QSI also actively develops high-value commercial applications for its products across a range of carefully selected industrial and clean technology sectors, typically in conjunction with the sector’s end-market leaders.

QSI’s award-winning advanced catalysts and chemical processing expertise provide the Company competitive advantages backed by over 30 patents (issued and applications pending). The company’s products are used by industry leading companies in multi-billion dollar and high-growth markets including portable power for batteries and fuel cells, emissions reduction for transportation and stationary applications, and chemical production for ammonia synthesis. QSI has successfully leveraged a strategy focused on customer driven innovation and is generating revenue with leading global companies that are incorporating QSI products into a growing number of applications. QSI is poised for expansion and profitability as multiple customer applications are launched or in development. QSI’s current shipment capacity is in excess of $50 million annually. Learn more at www.qsinano.com/intro.

For more information please visit, www.qsinano.com. or call 714-545-6266.

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About QuantumSphere

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