The Demand for Catalysts

A multi-billion dollar global industry, catalysts are essential to the world’s industrial production. As much as 90% of all chemical processes rely on the use of catalysts (including oil refining, pollution abatement, and production of fuels and chemicals). 60% of all consumer and industrial products (including fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals and batteries) are made with the use of catalysts.

Current global catalyst markets are in excess of $16 billion annually. Because of the need for cleaner fuel and more energy-efficient processes, world demand for catalysts is forecast to increase at 5.3% per year to $21 billion in 2019.

Nanocatalysts sales are projected to reach $6 billion by 2018, and will play a critical role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the generation, storage and use of energy. (Sources: Freedonia Group, Global Industry Analysts, Inc.)

QSI Nanoscale Products

QSI products have unique properties that create superior results with cost-effective scalability. The ability to bulk-manufacture advanced nanoscale particles and leverage their unique catalytic properties in energy-intensive chemical processes makes us a strong partner and value-added technology provider. These competitive advantages are backed by 10 issued patents, external third party validation and ISO 9001:2008 compliance.

Leveraging our patented, automated, highly scalable and environmentally safe Gas Phase Condensation (GPC) process, we manufacture a number of high-quality metals, bi-metallic alloys, and catalysts at the nanoscale, including Iron, Silver, Copper, Nickel and Manganese. We also leverage our deep technical knowledge and process chemistry expertise to offer custom dispersions and integrated catalytic solutions for the energy storage and chemical sectors, including nanoscale Gold, Palladium, Aluminum and Tin.

QSI’s Nano FeNIX Catalyst Accelerator


QSI FeNIX™ Nanocatalyst

QSI’s high surface area nano iron catalyst FeNIX is designed for the $100 billion USD ammonia production industry.

FeNIX, applied as a coating to standard commercial catalyst, delivers higher activity and overall conversion efficiency. It can increase ammonia plant output by 10-15%, and decrease operating costs by allowing the plant to operate at lower temperatures and pressures.



Interview with QSIM CEO, Kevin Maloney
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Founded in 2003 and based in Santa Ana, California, QuantumSphere has assembled a world-class business and scientific team. These seasoned veterans were selected for their demonstrated ability to successfully develop, build, scale and launch products and run successful businesses.

Since our founding, QSI has established a proven reputation for innovation and results that no one can match. We deliver superior, advanced catalysts and integrated solutions for chemical production and clean energy applcations. We continue to demonstrate high capital efficiency, and attract blue-chip partners and customers.

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