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Dermacia, Inc. Taps QuantumSphere, Inc. — The World’s Highest Quality Supplier of Nanosilver — for Specialized Applications to Address $50 Billion Worldwide Acne Market 

COSTA MESA, CA, U.S.A. –June 13, 2005– QuantumSphere, Inc. today announced Dermacia, Inc., a pioneering California maker of advanced therapeutic cosmetics and skincare products, has selected QuantumSphere to supply nanosilver for Dermacia’s advanced line of therapeutic cosmetics and skin care products designed for acne sufferers.  As manufacturer of the world’s highest quality nanosilver, QuantumSphere will provide Dermacia with its nanopowders of unequalled purity and particle uniformity, enabling Dermacia and its medical advisory team of dermatologists and plastic surgeons to further validate the performance and value of nanosilver and other nanometals for their antibacterial, sun protectant and other key properties.  Following extensive testing, Dermacia has chosen QuantumSphere nanosilver and other QuantumSphere products as key ingredients in Dermacia’s latest line of exclusive makeup and skin care products.  Dermacia is currently using the nano-ingredients in select makeup and skin care products and other applications.  Additional products incorporating QuantumSphere nanotechnology are in development.   Using QuantumSphere technology, Dermacia has conducted extensive research to develop ingredients and processes employing QuantumSphere’s uniquely pure ingredients as a part of its Nano2infusionTM technology.

QuantumSphere manufactures and sells nanopowder renderings of several elemental minerals.Dermacia combines biotechnology, cosmeceuticals, cosmetics and nanotechnology, to serve as the technology hub for skin care products. Dermacia’s LYCOGelTM Complex serves the market with the first “breathable makeup” application that promotes healing with a cosmetic base for burn victims and surgery patients. Dermacia recently announced the introduction of a new line of cosmeceutical products to address millions of people around the world who cannot use traditional cosmetics due to sensitive skin conditions, estimated to be a market size in excess of $50 billion. This follows QuantumSphere’s announcement that it unveiled new nanopowders for biomedical applications to significantly advance medical diagnostic results previously undetectable using conventional technology.

“We are extremely pleased that Dermacia will apply QuantumSphere’s QSI-nanoTM silver product to leverage their position as a leading-edge provider of products that we believe will ultimately be adopted by medical and consumer markets across the globe. We are delighted to introduce our technology to a firm that maintains and grows its sales channels so well. Having commenced commercial sales of its products less than two years ago, Dermacia now sells through more than 1,000 surgical and dermatological centers across the country; and is aggressively expanding throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America as well,” said Kevin Maloney, CEO, QuantumSphere, Inc.

“Combining QuantumSphere’s nanosilver with Dermacia’s Nano2infusion technology will further solidify Dermacia’s position as the industry leader in state-of-the-art  ‘breathable’ cosmeceutical products which promote oxygenation and healing of the skin, which is currently a huge unmet consumer need,” said Matt A. Nicosia, CEO, Dermacia, Inc. “When it came to finding a manufacturer and supplier of nanosilver, QuantumSphere provided us with the best choice. Their world-class management and scientific team, coupled with their exclusive manufacturing process, provided us with the highest purity, consistent particle size nanosilver on the market,” Nicosia added.

QuantumSphere is the leading manufacturer of metallic nanopowders for applications in the aerospace, defense, energy, biomedical and other markets demanding advanced material applications. QuantumSphere enables order-of-magnitude performance improvements for certain applications by using nanotechnology in existing materials to make new products or to multiply the effectiveness of existing products. QuantumSphere is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the marketplace, as the firm’s facility continues to increase capacity, with a production target of 2,500 pounds of the world’s purest nanopowders, including nanosilver, monthly.

About Dermacia, Inc.

Dermacia Inc. is a leading cosmetic and skincare manufacturer and innovator.  Dermacia products meld leading technologies and ingredients from the cosmetics, cosmeceutical, biotechnology, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, to produce the world’s finest hypoalergenic, color-correct makeup and skincare products.  Dermacia serves as the technology hub for cosmetic and skin care products marketed under the LycogelTM brand and other in-house and private label brands.  Lycogel products, sold exclusively through medical professionals, were the first cosmeceuticals designed for post-plastic surgery cover and special camouflage applications, facilitating rapid healing of wounds, scars and burns while providing effective, flawless cover. Patent-pending Lycogel Complex™ combines tissue respiratory factors and a breathable triple-silica gel base to protect and deliver additional oxygen to the wound areas. The line includes a camouflage foundation, concealer and moisturizing anti-inflammatory spray. With Lycogel technology as a base, Dermacia has now developed a new consumer cosmetic line, offering the same therapeutic benefits and active ingredients as its medical line. The company, based in Newport Beach, California, sells its products internationally. Visit Dermacia on the Web at

About QuantumSphere, Inc.

QuantumSphere is the leading manufacturer of metallic nanopowders for a broad range of applications in such diverse industries as aerospace, defense, energy, biomedical, cosmetics and other markets demanding advanced material applications. QuantumSphere’s exclusive manufacturing process provides: consistent, narrow particle size distribution; low level of agglomeration and impurities; custom-tailored oxide shell thickness; and the highest purity metallic nanopowders on the market that are easier to transport and handle. The company accomplishes this without compromising its commitments to the environment and community. No other company offers these performance advantages.

QuantumSphere is the only supplier of the world’s highest quality nanonickel (n-Ni). This will replace platinum as the main catalyst in hydrogen fuel cells and various electrode assemblies and provide a renewable source of power to supply the world’s energy needs. The company is leveraging its leading market position in nanonickel (n-Ni) to manufacture and ship product for applications in fuel cells, magnetic medical products (e.g., contrast agent that is orders-of-magnitude more sensitive than existing materials for MRI detection of disease and organ function), bio sensors, filtration devices and other applications including additives for plastics and electromagnetic frequency shielding. For more information, visit or contact Joe Romano, Partner, HighGround, Inc. at 781-279-1320 x 208 or [email protected]




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