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September, 2005
Photonics Fiber
QuantumSphere Product Findings Independently Validated

QuantumSphere Inc., a manufacturer of proprietary metallic nanopowders for applications in aerospace, defense, energy and other markets, announced that its QSI-nano Ni/Co alloy has been independently validated as a less expensive replacement for platinum as the main catalytic material in a variety of battery and fuel cell applications.

According to the company, the QSI-nano Ni/Co alloy can provide a reduction in the cost of fuel cell and battery catalysts by approximately 50 percent, while achieving up to 90 percent of pure platinum performance, based on current prices. Independent validation of QuantumSphere’s findings were provided by DoppStein Enterprises Inc. (DSE).

“For a cost comparison, finely divided platinum (currently $75/gram in bulk) costs approximately five times as much as QuantumSphere’s nano-Ni/Co alloy catalyst (currently $15/gram). This translates into a large reduction in total device cost. Implementation of this new technology incorporating QSI-nano Ni/Co alloy in the alternative energy sector has the potential to dramatically accelerate commercialization of these microdevices,” said Robert Dopp, president of DSE.

In other news, QuantumSphere announced it has appointed Mark Fullerton to the position of senior research and development scientist.

Fullerton comes to QuantumSphere with more than 25 years of industrial experience in product development, analytical research and technical support for manufacturing and customers. His previous work included the formulation and process development of dry-film photoresists, operations experience with scanning electron microscopy, x-ray spectroscopy, infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.