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QuantumSphere in the News

May 7, 2006
Orange County Register
Jan Norman

QuantumSphere, a Santa Ana manufacturer of nano-sized metals, has launched a program to fund innovative research.

The company will fund research initiatives with up to $50,000 over a nine-month period. The goal is to take fresh approaches to traditional research methodologies to find breakthrough capabilities for QuantumSphere and its customers and partners, according to Chief Executive Kevin Maloney.

“Many research projects focus on the development of abstract experiments in the laboratory,” Maloney said. “However, QuantumSphere will only fund research that demonstrates commercial potential and a clear path to the validation and development of products that can be manufactured and used in consumer and industrial applications.”

QuantumSphere makes metals and alloys as small as a few atoms in volume. For more information about the funding awards, go online to or contact Joe Romano, partner of HighGround Inc., (781) 279-1320, ext. 208 or e-mail [email protected].