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August, 2005
QuantumSphere to Manufacture Mass Quantities of the World’s Highest Quality Nanonickel to Replace Platinum as a Catalyst in Fuel Cells.

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Story below:

QuantumSphere, Inc. has filed three broad patent applications for nanonickel to support the company’s existing technology framework that will enable QuantumSphere to manufacture commercial quantities of nanonickel (n-Ni). QuantumSphere produces the highest quality and quantity of nanonickel in the world. Nanonickel has the potential to replace platinum as the main catalytic material in a variety of hydrogen fuel cells. A shift from platinum to QSI-nano nickel would result in a reduction in the cost of fuel cell catalysts by up to 75 percent, based on current prices. The news follows QuantumSphere’s announcement earlier that it completed the build out of a large-scale reactor for the production of n-Ni that will be used to produce a renewable source of power to supply the world’s energy needs.

“Companies and governments collectively waste billions of dollars a year as a byproduct of their over-reliance on using platinum as a catalyst. As a result, the annual $10 billion platinum group metal catalyst market will inevitably be impacted by the fact that our nanonickel can be used to achieve better results, for many of the same applications that people use today, at a 75 percent cost reduction,” said Kevin Maloney, CEO.