In the Classroom:
Coatings and Sealants
QuantumSphere’s highly catalytic, conductive and ultra pure metallic nano powders will replace platinum as the main catalytic material in various electrode assemblies and it is currently 1400% less expensive (per gram based on current platinum prices) — even at the nanoscale.

QSI-nano™ metallic powders used in battery and fuel cell electrode assemblies, are far more robust than pressed carbon, which will lead to a longer service life.
Their uses include:
   · Integrated Circuits
   · Batteries
   · Fuel Cells (anode and cathode)
   · Solar Cells
   · Water Hydrolysis
The QSI-nano™ solutions:
   · Nickel
   · Silver
   · Copper
   · Proprietary Alloys

Their Enhanced Performance Characteristics include:
   · Huge Surface Area and Greater Surface Energy Combined Equals
      Orders of Magnitude Increase in Reactive Performance
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