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Industry News:
Details of $200m Texas Emerging
Technology Fund to be Released
at NanoTX’06
Technologists and business leaders from around the country have been requesting detailed information on how the Texas governor’s office launched the Emerging Technology Fund. Now the office of Governor Rick Perry, in cooperation with the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative, has agreed to have two people key to the funds creation and implementation release a detailed study of the fund at nanoTX’06. The Texas Emerging Technology Fund is $200,000,000 designed to assist the development and commercialization of several technologies important in the future of Texas, with nanotechnology being among the foremost.
To be released are valuable insights in the creation of the fund, its passage through the Texas legislature, and how it is being implemented, told by three key people. “It was difficult and complicated in organizing technologists and businesses to get behind such an effort in a state as large as Texas,” says Kelly Kordzik, president of the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative in Austin. Kordzik is joining with the governor’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Phil Wilson, and Mark Ellison, Director of the Texas Emerging Technology Fund at nanoTX’06 in Dallas where they will tell how to push such an effort through a legislature that is heavily focused on other budgetary items. The team will also explain how the fund is being used around the state to commercialize advanced technologies such as nanotechnology. “It is truly impressive to see how hard the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative has been working to promote nanotechnology in Texas and heartfelt congratulations to your fruitful efforts…,” said the Manager of Economic Development in Fairfax County, VA, Katalin Vaughan. “I am definitely planning to attend and penciled the dates into my calendar already.”
nanoTX’06 is a world scale nanotechnology conference and expo held at the Dallas Convention Center September 27-28, 2006.
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