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November 2008 Issue of the Thomas Weisel Alternative Energy / Cleantech Report

By Thomas Weisel Partners
November 2008

The Obama-Biden energy policy is expected to give a boost to the alternative energy / cleantech industry
  • The Obama-Biden New Energy for America plan calls for the investment of $150 billion over 10 years aimed at reducing carbon emissions to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050
  • The plan, based on an economy-wide cap-and-trade system, is focused on commercialization of plug-in hybrids, commercial scale renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean coal, next generation biofuels, and smart grid development
  • The troubled economy likely means that far reaching energy legislation, notably caps on greenhouse gas emissions, is unlikely to pass at first
Major indices had the worst monthly performance since October 1987 over concerns of a global recession, corporate earnings and hedge fund liquidity – alternative energy / cleantech stocks were harder hit than the major indices for the month
  • All fourteen alterative energy / cleantech groups finished in negative territory during the month, each group finishing more than 8% down
The public offering market for alternative energy / cleantech stocks showed zero activity in October

Despite difficult conditions in the public markets, the alternative energy / cleantech sector has seen increased activity in the private markets in 2008
  • $1.2 billion was raised in October marking the third consecutive month that $1 billion has been raised
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