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QuantumSphere Battery Catalyst Wins Nanomaterial of the Year Award

By George Elvin
Green Technology Forum
January 15, 2008

QuantumSphere Inc.’s QSI-Nano Manganese is a catalyst material used in the cathode of zinc/air batteries to increase their longevity and power output more than 320%, enabling new power applications. Zinc/air batteries have one of the highest weight energy densities of all portable power sources.

QSI-Nano Manganese is blended with carbon, Teflon, and a current collector, and pressed into sheets. These sheets are incorporated directly into the cathode compartment of the battery. QSI developed a special process to blend these materials, to highlight and promote nanoparticle catalytic activity.

QSI says Nano Manganese offers the highest purity, uniformity, and catalytic activity on the market and can be produced in volume to meet the demand for next-generation portable power sources. Catalyst purity and uniformity are essential in a high-performance battery, and QSI’s nanocatalyst production process purifies the catalyst in-situ, without the need for costly purification steps downstream from the production process.

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