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By QuantumSphere
February, 23, 2009

Job Title: Senior R&D; Scientist – Lithium-Ion Battery Expert

Company Overview

QuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI) makes award winning catalyst materials and creates intellectual property for licensing in portable power and clean-tech applications. The unmatched size, cost, uniformity, and performance of QSIÕs nano scale catalysts provides critical competitive advantages backed by over 30 patents issued or pending. Breakthrough results have been demonstrated for multi-billion dollar applications such as batteries, fuel cells and NOx emissions reduction. QSI technologies are in volume production, having been launched in a new high performance battery with a leading global manufacturer. Positioned with an extensive product pipeline matched to large markets that are emerging now, QSI is poised for growth and success.

Founded in 2002, QSI’s mission is to reduce dependence on non-renewable energy sources and develop near-term, revolutionary, portable power, and clean-technology products. QSI is achieving this goal through continuous innovation and refinement of its proprietary catalyst materials, high-performance electrode systems, key process chemistries, and other advanced technology platforms.

Scope & Responsibilities:

QSI is seeking a highly innovative and seasoned veteran of the rechargeable battery industry to lead and develop next-generation lithium ion battery technology. The successful candidate will have an extensive history in the battery industry, and enjoy performing lab research and the exploration of new materials and technologies in support of QSI’s mission.

Key Technical Requirements
  • The position requires deep technical and industrial experience, as well as excellent knowledge in the fundamental theories, concepts, and current-state-of-the art research and/or technology development in materials science related to electrode materials and electrolytes for rechargeable batteries.
  • In addition, the successful candidate will have a proven track record in applying advances to solving technical and industrial challenges in the lithium-ion battery sector, as well as other secondary battery systems.
General Requirements
  • Enthusiasm and proven ability to work in a fast paced team environment
  • Experience in battery materials strategy development resulting in the formulation and initiation of new research activities and proposals
  • Ability to develop next generation materials, catalysts, electrodes, or systems and evaluate new technologies with respect to current and future products
  • Experience in moving developed product(s) through commercial launch and into successful mass production.
Commitment to Individual Achievement and Team Success
  • Knowledge of commercial design, fabrication, and testing of rechargeable batteries
  • Ensure delivery of projects to agreed research objectives and work programs, on time, within budget
  • An intellectual curiosity / interest in different disciplines or the ability to apply fundamental concepts of one discipline to a variety of problems in other disciplines
  • An ability to work effectively both in a team environment and independently to meet milestones and scientific goals
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain productive working relationships with colleagues and collaborators
  • An ability to communicate research outcomes in both oral and written form including technical specifications, patent applications, and engineering reports
  • An ability to apply scientific results with engineering and manufacturing teams to rapidly integrate materials and concepts into commercial products
Requirements: U.S. Citizen. A Masters or PhD in Chemical Engineering, or Chemistry preferred. Exceptionally experienced individuals with a Bachelors degree will be considered. At least fifteen years ofindustrial laboratory experience in rechargeable batteries and related chemistries. The successful candidate will have proven experience in applying technical expertise to solve materials science challenges for end-use applications, with history of seeing projects through to successful commercialization.

Compensation and Incentives: : QSI offers a competitive salary and benefits package, plus stock options. In addition, QSI will pay a percentage of net revenue derived from IP developed directly by the successful candidate (IP to be assigned to QSI).

Relocation: QSI will partner with the successful candidate to offset costs of relocation.

Contact: Please send resume to: [email protected]

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