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QuantumSphere, Inc. to Present at the National Hydrogen Association Meeting in San Antonio on March 22, 2007

Santa Ana, CA – February 14, 2007 – QuantumSphere, Inc., a leading manufacturer of nano metals and alloys for applications in portable power, renewable energy, electronics and other markets demanding advanced materials, announces the presentation of their sponsored hydrogen generation research. Robert Dopp of DoppStein Enterprises, Inc. will be presenting his research at the National Hydrogen Society meeting in San Antonio on March 22, 2007.

The presentation titled “Hydrogen Generation via Water Electrolysis Using Highly Efficient Nanometal Electrodes” covers recent research into the effect of the use of QSI-Nano® catalysts mixed with larger electrode components to give hydrogen generation efficiencies well above the DoE guidelines and well ahead of the literature to date. The presentation will cover the basics of water electrolysis and quickly move to data demonstrating the efficiencies of electrodes made from compressed nano catalysts. The most impressive data however is a new concept in electrode design which runs at very high rates and exceptional efficiencies. This will be a presentation well worth attending!

About DoppStein Enterprises, Inc.

Robert Dopp is President of DoppStein Enterprises, Inc., Marietta, GA, where he consults to fuel cell, battery and materials companies. He offers a depth of knowledge in battery systems with freedom and flexibility from his independent laboratory. His proficiencies include fuel cells, hydrogen generation and water desalination. He is one of the foremost authorities on Zinc Air with 36 patents and 6 pending in energy related fields. Robert was principle engineer at Rayovac Corporation for 18 years on the Zinc Air project with a variety of leadership responsibly. As “Director of Research” for Electric Fuel Corporation working from his personal laboratory directing research in Biet Shemish, Israel, he was instrumental in developing components resulting in batteries with over four times the energy density of alkaline cylindrical cells. Since being independent, he has worked in many aspects of the electrochemical world.

For more information, contact Robert Dopp at [email protected] and visit the Web page at or via phone at 770 649 1933.

About QuantumSphere, Inc.

QuantumSphere is a manufacturer of nanoscale catalyst materials for applications in portable power, renewable energy, electronics, aerospace, defense and other markets demanding advanced materials. QuantumSphere’s proprietary technology enables the production of ultra-pure, highly uniform nanometals and alloys under 50 nanometers in high volume at commercial prices with the potential to be utilized in a large number of new applications. QuantumSphere has also created an extensive intellectual property portfolio around its process capabilities and end-use commercial applications. QuantumSphere seeks to leverage its market position to manufacture and ship QSI-Nano® catalyst materials and electrode devices for clean-energy applications such as high-performance batteries and micro fuel cells for portable power, and hydrogen generation through electrolysis, among others. The current global catalyst market is in excess of $10 billion, annually.

QuantumSphere also works closely with industry experts, national labs, and leading universities to validate QSI-Nano® catalyst materials and generate licensing rights to intellectual property for high-value commercial applications. For more information, visit or phone 714-545-6266.

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