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2008 Clean Energy Forum Taps Key Energy Issues

QuantumSphere is proud to join KCOMM in co-hosting the 2008 Clean Energy Forum, scheduled for spring 2008. The event will feature exciting exhibits and demos of electric cars, solar energy, clean water technology, batteries, hydrogen generators and fuel cells. Influential keynote speakers will offer a panel discussion providing significant insight on energy solutions and innovations that will improve the world around us. Attendees at this event will include a gathering of key community, business and government leaders.

QuantumSphere is very exciting about the opportunity to bring people together on an issue of global importance. Stay tuned for further details.

Funding and Research
Research in various fields of clean energy is important to innovation, and QuantumSphere is proud to be a financial supporter of these studies. QuantumSphere has already funded four university research projects since 2006 with plans to increase funding in 2008.

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