Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S)

QSI is an early adopter of guidelines issued by NIOSH and the EPA:


The QuantumSphere EH&S management system is guided by our safety values of:


QuantumSphere takes an active leadership role in understanding and managing potential risks and hazards arising from working with nanomaterials. The management of the company provides the vision, the driving force, and resources needed to involve all employees in establishing a safe and healthy workplace environment.


As nanomaterials pose new challenges to understanding, predicting, and managing potential hazards and risks, QuantumSphere conducts periodic worksite analyses that study all working conditions to identify, prevent, and eliminate existing or potential hazards. The results of these studies are shared with all employees under a comprehensive EH&S training program as well as posted in product Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s). QuantumSphere also participates in various government funded university research studies dealing with environmental safety and handling concerns. In addition, pertinent data is made available to customers, partners, industry groups, regulatory agencies, universities and community first responders.


To prevent any harmful impact to the safety and health of the employees, the community, and the environment, QuantumSphere employs established safety systems including: administrative and engineering controls, personal protective equipment (PPE), safe work practices, preventive maintenance, and emergency preparedness programs.



QuantumSphere actively works to conserve resources and minimize or eliminate adverse EH&S effects and risks that may be associated with our products, services and operations. In addition we will strive towards a “green supply chain” by the choice of suppliers, materials, services, and process and plant designs to ensure sustainability of operations and lifecycle product stewardship.

Continuous Improvement

QuantumSphere manages its business and operations with the goal of continuously upgrading its understanding of the EH&S impact of nanomaterials and systematically adapting its mode of operations to reach and maintain our policy of “Vision of Zero.”

Read more about QuantumSphere’s EH&S partnership with NIOSH below:

EH&S Resources

Our Mission

QuantumSphere exists to introduce technologies to the world that inspire change. Our technologies enable the harmonious pursuit of profits, manufacturing efficiencies, and reduced consumption of our planet’s finite resources, making better lives possible for those who live here today, and those who will live here tomorrow.