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Fuel Cell

This animation shows the process that goes on inside an individual hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel cell. The red Hs represent hydrogen molecules (H2) from a hydrogen storage tank. The orange H+ represents a hydrogen ion after its electron is removed. The yellow e- represents an electron moving through a circuit to do work (like lighting a light bulb or powering a car). The green Os represent an oxygen molecule (O2) from the air, and the blue drops at the end are for pure water- the only byproduct of hydrogen power.
  • Enhanced Performance Characteristics:
    • Direct, Low-Cost Performance Replacement for Platinum Catalyst in a Variety of Fuel Cells (PEM, SOFC, DMFC, DFAFC, DEFC), Increased Durability and Extended Life Cycle, Reduce Size and Increased Efficiency.  
  • Uses:
    • Portable Power; Laptops, Cell Phones and PDA’s
    • Transportation; Cars, Trucks and  Buses  
    • Distributed Power; Homes and  Buildings  
    • Military
  • QSI-nano™ solutions:
    • Nickel, Cobalt, Iron
    • Proprietary Alloys

QSI nanometals can be used in electrodes of various fuel cell types of various fuel cells.

The cost reduction for these fuel cells comes as a result of two things:

  • QuantumSphere’s nanometal alloys will replace platinum as the main catalytic material in the electrode assembly and it is currently 80% less expensive (based on current platinum prices) – even at the nanoscale.
  • Due to enhanced catalytic activity of QuantumSphere’s nanometal alloys, both electrical efficiency and fuel efficiency will be improved.

QuantumSphere is the only company currently manufacturing commercial quantities of high purity, narrow distribution, metallic nanopowders and alloys for a variety of catalyst applications.

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