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Tapping the Multi-Billion Dollar Catalyst Industry

A global market currently exceeding $12 billion annually, catalysts are essential to the world’s industrial production. As much as 90% of all chemical processes utilize catalysts (petroleum refining, pollution abatement, and production of fuels and chemicals) and 60% of all consumer and industrial products (fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and batteries) are made using catalysts. QSI’s advances in the development of new high performance catalysts – in conjunction with its patented gas phase condensation (GPC) manufacturing process – improve process efficiency, lower costs, and meet both performance and environmental standards.  Nano catalysts sales are projected to reach $6.0 billion by 2015 and will play a critical role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the generation, storage, and usage of energy.

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Intellectual Property

The patent for QuantumSphere’s platform GPC process was awarded October 16, 2007 and includes seventy-three broad claims on the manufacturing system that produces advanced metals and catalysts at the nano scale. Additional patent applications have been filed covering composition of nano alloys, unique dispersions/formulations, process chemistries, several commercial devices (for batteries, fuel cells, solar and hydrogen generation), as well as other clean-tech applications enabled by the use of QSI’s advanced catalyst materials.

Competing Technologies

Synthetic or man-made nano scale materials were first created in the 1970’s using the gas phase condensation method. Today, there are dozens of processes for producing nano scale materials worldwide. These processes include chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, reactive sputtering, laser pyrolysis, plasma gun spray conversion, mechanical alloying, grinding and sol gel. Most of these processes are relatively expensive and require sophisticated and complex equipment and labor intensive maintenance. In addition, these methods may result in products with inconsistent particle size, distribution, shape and impurities with little ability to scale up to commercial quantities at reasonable prices.

Our Process

QuantumSphere’s patented process is safe, environmentally friendly, fully automated and requires low supervision and little down time for reactor maintenance. Unlike competitive processes, we have literally removed the potential for human error and expensive labor from the manufacturing equation. Our increased production rates combined with lower labor and conversion costs have enabled commercial application of these advanced materials by industry leading companies commercializing multiple consumer and industrial products. With the ability to deliver high quality nano scale catalysts in commercial quantities at reasonable prices, QuantumSphere and its partners are opening the door to allow for mass market penetration and accelerated commercialization of these new advanced materials.


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