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  QSI Mission/Values

Our Mission

To deliver low cost high performance products for clean energy and portable power applications leveraging QSI’s advanced materials, integrated components, and proprietary system designs.

Our Values

  • Our team members are our greatest asset

  • Customers and partners are our highest priority

  • Product and process improvement are our competitive edge

  • Our growth is based on an inherent passion for continued innovation

  • Execution and measured performance ensure our long-term success

  • We are committed to conducting business in a manner that is just, ethical and protective of the environment

  • By adhering to these values, we believe our shareholders will be rewarded for our efforts

MetAir™ Ranger Portable Power Systems (PPS) Fill this Critical Need

In addition to the pressing need for emergency communications equipment, widespread consumer use of portable, rechargeable electronic devices – smart phones, laptops, tablets, video cameras, games, and more – has created unprecedented growth in power portable demand.  Prevalent technology available in today’s lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride, and lead acid rechargeable batteries lacks the capacity to address this vast need for on-demand portable power. 

The MetAir™ Ranger Portable Power Systems (PPS) deliver outstanding performance improvements for multiple applications within the $50B portable power market. The MetAir™ Ranger PPS is the newest high performance, low cost, long-lasting, disposable zinc-air battery system available – offering safe, lightweight, non-polluting back-up power for mission critical, emergency, and recreational applications. 

Until now, traditional back-up or off-grid power solutions for emergency response, tactical military operations, or power outages typically consisted of rechargeable batteries or diesel generators.  These solutions are expensive, heavy, toxic, combustible, and require constant recharging with electricity or liquid fuel.  Relying on combustible fuels, or solar- or wind-generated power in an “off-the-grid”, emergency power outage, or military situation can be dangerous, unpredictable, and inefficient.

MetAir™ Ranger PPS is lightweight, safe, and reliable for emergency back-up power needs – day or night – when diesel generators, solar, or wind are not available for recharging batteries. The low-cost, replaceable plug and play MetAir™ Power Cartridge is designed for quick and easy replacement in emergency situations, offering convenience, security, and peace of mind.

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