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QSI:  Evolving, Innovating

QSI is an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced catalysts along with high performance, low cost zinc-air power systems targeted at the $50 billion portable power market.  Founded in 2002 and based in Santa Ana, California, QSI’s proprietary advances in established catalyst technology gave rise to specialized nano-catalysts, dramatically improving process efficiency and exponentially enhancing performance in the $12 billion global catalyst market.  

The company’s innovation resulted in an ISO 9001:2008-certified production processes, and ultimately in the delivery of a line of clean, safe power generation products with the highest energy density of any commercially available battery, and at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour (by weight and volume).   The MetAir™ portable power products use QSI’s advanced nano-catalyst materials and are backed by extensive patents, issued and pending.  

The scope of the market, distinctive advances and applications, dramatic energy and cost efficiencies, and positive environmental profile combine to position QSI well for rapid dominance in the portable power market.

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All Signs Point to Demand for Efficiency in Portable Power Sources:

Prevalence of portable electronic devices:

Global trends in the use of handheld devices – and the varied multimedia applications they perform – are dramatically on the rise.  Despite this exploding demand, portable battery technology has not kept pace.  There is a clear need for batteries with the required energy density to run or charge portable devices and consumer electronics; both device manufacturers and users seek high-performing, long-lasting power sources that are lightweight and safe for transport. 

Power Outages on the Rise:

Weather extremes and energy grid infrastructure challenges have led to more frequent and crippling power outages.  Reliable, readily accessible back-up power for emergency preparedness and response – tools and communications equipment are more critical than ever.

MetAir™ Ranger Portable Power Systems (PPS) Fill This Critical Need

Despite unprecedented growth in portable power demand, prevalent technology in today’s lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride, and lead acid rechargeable batteries fails  to address this vast need for on-demand portable power. 

The MetAir™ Ranger Portable Power Systems (PPS) deliver outstanding performance improvements for multiple applications within the $50B portable power market. The MetAir™ Ranger PPS is the newest high performance, low cost, long-lasting, disposable zinc-air battery system available – offering safe, lightweight, non-polluting back-up power for mission critical, emergency, and recreational applications. 

MetAir™ Ranger PPS is lightweight, safe, and reliable for emergency back-up power needs – day or night – when diesel generators, solar, or wind are not available for recharging batteries. These customizable portable power solutions are designed for quick and easy access in emergency situations, offering safety, security, and peace of mind.

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QSI Quick Facts
Founded: 2002
Santa Ana, CA.
714.545.6266 (Phone)
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