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The Big Picture

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet and a finite amount of natural resources available to fuel transportation and grow food. Thousands of chemical plants around the globe are responsible for producing nearly $1 trillion USD worth of basic chemicals each year, used to make fertilizers, fuels, plastics, polymers and other essential materials.

These chemical plants are also responsible for consuming a staggering amount of energy and producing hundreds of millions of tons of carbon emissions.

worth of basic chemicals each year
Our Goal

QuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI) has developed, patented and commercially validated a potentially game-changing technology. This technology can help increase process efficiencies in industrial chemical plants around the globe, while decreasing consumption of finite resources such as natural gas and significantly reducing industrial energy costs. Our goal is to help lower the amount of energy required to operate these chemical plants, increase profits, enable them to create more food and fuel for the world’s growing population, and reduce the burden on our planet.

In 2015, QSI demonstrated this technology in two industrial ammonia chemical plants in China. QSI’s technology breakthrough resulted in a patent that was issued on March 1, 2016, as well as a commercialization agreement executed on March 8, 2016 with 95-year-old, Swiss-based, industry-leading technology partner Casale, S.A. Nearly 40% of global ammonia and methanol production utilize Casale production technology.

The Opportunity We See

A key component to feeding the planet’s population is ammonia, arguably the world’s most critical chemical, which is manufactured through the Haber-Bosch process developed in the early 20th century. Ammonia-based fertilizer is the lifeblood of the agriculture industry, as it dramatically improves crop yields.

Ammonia represents a $100 billion industry. It is produced at nearly 600 chemical plants worldwide and is responsible for nearly 5% of annual global natural gas consumption. Nearly 200 million tons of ammonia are produced each year, with more than 80% used to make fertilizer products to support global food supply and population growth.

The Solution

QuantumSphere has created a way to increase surface area and catalytic activity of existing commercial catalysts. These catalysts are essential for facilitating and accelerating chemical reactions inside the converter of the chemical plant. QSI’s technology has been demonstrated commercially to improve chemical plant efficiency within the ammonia process converter by up to 15%, with no modifications to the plant itself. A 5% increase in catalytic activity can translate to millions in profits, over the life of the catalyst, for a typical-sized ammonia plant.

We’ve developed, patented and commercialized our proprietary process to create highly active nanocatalysts that can significantly improve process efficiencies and production output for the nearly 600 relevant industrial ammonia plants worldwide. Ammonia is our lead chemical focus with other high value chemicals in the pipeline.

The Value Proposition

QSI’s nanocatalyst products can significantly increase plant production efficiency and reduce the consumption of natural gas, which is the main energy input required to run these industrial plants. The result is greater profits and a compelling value proposition worth potentially billions of dollars for the thousands of chemical plants in operation that produce nearly $1 trillion USD of ammonia, methanol and other basic chemicals, annually.

Interview with QSIM CEO, Kevin Maloney
Our Team

Founded in 2003 and based in Santa Ana, California, QuantumSphere has assembled a world-class business and scientific team. These seasoned veterans were selected for their demonstrated ability to successfully develop, build, scale and launch products and run successful businesses.

Since our founding, QSI has established a proven reputation for innovation and results that no one can match. We deliver superior, advanced catalysts and integrated solutions for chemical production and clean energy applcations. We continue to demonstrate high capital efficiency, and attract blue-chip partners and customers.

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