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QSI Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Membrane-Electrode Assemblies

QSI Receives Notice of Allowance for Key Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Patent
This month QSI received a notice of allowance from the USPTO on a patent to issue for nano catalysts used to increase performance and lower costs of direct methanol fuel cells. Click here to read more.

QSI Receives Third Party Concept Validation on Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Catalysts
Click here to read more.

QuantumSphere Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Applications Update
Driven by the need for more compact and lightweight power sources in portable electronics, the worldwide market for portable fuel cells is increasing rapidly ($80.1 million in 2008, expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2015). Click here to read more.

As QuantumSphere moves forward, we will continue leveraging our core skills in advanced materials manufacturing, developing integrated catalytic solutions, and key technology platforms that can be translated into a broad range of energy efficiency and power storage applications.

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Advanced Materials for Energy Applications
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March 25, 2011

CNBC’s Jim Cramer says energy and materials are in and poised to outperform for a long time.

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