Strategic partnerships and collaboration often make the difference between generating solid results or achieving truly great accomplishments in transforming technology innovations into commercial business applications. In this spirit, QuantumSphere is working aggressively to expand its battery and fuel cell customer base and strategic partnerships leveraging our high-performance catalysts and proprietary anode and cathode electrode design and manufacturing capabilities.

QuantumSphere’s Technical Team

Last month we announced the hiring of Dr. Jason Norman, VP of business development, and introduced our new high performance, low cost, emissions reduction solutions for the transportation and stationary catalytic converter markets. QuantumSphere is providing key competitive advantages in this multi-billion dollar market opportunity. The R&D; efforts in this area are led by Dr. Fabrizio Rinaldi who joined QuantumSphere two years ago from Engelhard (now BASF) and Tenneco. Dr. Rinaldi and Dr. Norman will work closely with the Company’s customers and partners on the overall commercialization strategy. Click here for the complete emissions press release.

As QuantumSphere moves forward, we will continue leveraging our core skills in advanced catalyst materials, unique process chemistries, and key technology platforms that can be translated into a broad range of portable power and clean-technology applications.

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Kevin D. Maloney, CEO
QuantumSphere, Inc.
QuantumSphere Introduces Higher Performance, Lower Cost Emissions Control Catalysts
Nanoscale catalysts used in catalytic converter manufacturing reduces dependency on precious metals, improves efficiency, and durability

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February 2010
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