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Improved Battery Performance with Nanoscale Catalysts
QuantumSphere, Inc. October 2009

Power and capacity demands by next-generation electronic systems exceed the improvement rate of today’s battery technologies. Improvements in traditional Li-ion and NiMH batteries have stalled and alternate technologies have not yet provided the performance needed to substitute. As part of QSI’s initiative to make leapfrog increases in energy storage, significant focus is directed towards improving the performance of electrodes in both disposable and rechargeable batteries. Incorporating nanoscale metal catalysts has the potential to bridge the current gap between existing technology capability and equipment needs, and also meet the requirements of future generations of battery driven portable and mobile devices.

Of all available battery chemistries, metal-air batteries such as Zn-air, Mg-air, and Li-air have tremendous potential to deliver breakthrough performance through inherent advantages in both system weight and size. For example, the theoretical energy density of a Zn-air battery (1370Wh/kg) is significantly higher than average commercial Li-ion batteries (~200Wh/kg). Although previously relegated to hearing aid batteries, recent advances, including those provided by QSI, have enabled new applications for metal-air, such as portable electronic devices and light electric vehicles.

QuantumSphere, Inc. (QSI) has developed a new high performance gas diffusion electrode, incorporating high-surface area manganese catalyst in the 5-30nm size range, for use in metal-air batteries. Depending on conditions and customer specification, the power densities of these new electrodes provide a 40-320% increase in power compared to commercial gas diffusion electrodes, enabling higher discharge rates. QSI electrodes are ideal for disposable and rechargeable metal-air battery manufacturers who are developing commercial and military products with enhanced power requirements.

The integration of high surface area nanoscale catalysts has also been shown to benefit existing rechargeable battery technologies, particularly nickel metal hydride (NiMH). NiMH batteries are used in a variety of portable power applications as well as hybrid electric vehicles, and are well known for their safety and reliability. By incorporating a small amount of nanoscale nickel catalyst into the hydride electrode of the NiMH battery, QuantumSphere has demonstrated up to a 50% capacity increase relative to commercial batteries. This significant value-add provides battery manufacturers of mature technologies greater flexibility as they address the need to make their batteries smaller, lighter, and more competitive. For more information, please visit www.qsinano.com.