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QSI is currently performing work under a National Science Foundation grant for designing, fabricating and testing a Compact Hydrogen Membrane Reformer system, to produce high-purity hydrogen from commonly available fuels like natural gas, gasoline and diesel, to be used in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (HFCEVs). Once completely engineered, the compact reformer promises high-purity hydrogen with fast start-up times and good transient response to load (load-following characteristics). The compact reformer is being sized to produce 5 kg/week of hydrogen, a commonly accepted measure for the hydrogen needed for automotive applications by a typical American household; however, the physical attributes and performance characteristics of the reformer also promise on-board reforming of fuels for HFCEVs.

As QuantumSphere moves forward, we will continue leveraging our core skills in advanced nanocatalysts, high-performance electrodes systems, key technology platforms, and related process chemistries that can be translated into a broad range of clean-energy and portable power applications and generate near-term revenues for the company.

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Kevin D. Maloney, CEO
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