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Significant advances in nanotechnology are being achieved around the world and QuantumSphere is riding the crest of that wave in business development and market penetration with key partners. Several global companies have invited QuantumSphere to participate in both R&D; and commercial projects concentrating on clean-energy and portable power applications for next-generation products. We hope you enjoy our latest installment of the QuantumSphere newsletter. This month’s highlights include:
  • Nanotechnology to aid the commercial viability of Algae Bio-fuel Production
  • Algae-to-Fuel Research at NREL
  • Obama on Science
  • Highlights of the Stimulus Package for the Energy and Clean Technology Sector
Details on these items and other industry news can be found below.

As QuantumSphere moves forward, we will continue leveraging our core skills in advanced nanocatalysts, high-performance electrodes systems, key technology platforms, and related process chemistries that can be translated into a broad range of clean-energy and portable power applications and generate near-term revenues for the company.

As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback.

Kevin D. Maloney, CEO
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