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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from QSI.

It has been a big year for us; here’s a quick review of 2008 Achievements:Under the direction of Ed Robinson and Brendan McKenney, we brought three new reactors online bringing the total to eight reactors now in place for high-rate nano catalyst manufacturing. Additionally, we delivered our first shipment of QSI-Nano® manganese to a large battery manufacturer for use in zinc-air batteries for military applications.

Dr. Fabrizio Rinaldi successfully set up and deployed a small R&D; laboratory in Michigan to developed advanced catalysts and custom dispersions containing a wide variety of QSI’s nano-metals. QSI’s large development partner, OM Group (NYSE:OMG) aided this effort by supplying custom nano-metal dispersions and test capabilities.

Solid performance results were achieved for selective catalytic reduction of NOx emissions applications with hydrogen, as well as oxidation catalysts for hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

We acquired Energetics, Inc., which brought Subra Iyer, principal technologist, and several new clean-tech related concepts to QSI. Since the acquisition, we have filed several high-value patents, including nano alloys for increased capacity lithium ion batteries and low-cost seawater desalination processes.

Under Subra Iyer’s direction, QSI was recently awarded a US ARMY grant for a unitized reformed methanol fuel cell system worth up to $1.0m over two years.

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