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This month, QuantumSphere, Inc., a leading developer of advanced catalyst materials, electrode systems, and related technologies for portable power and clean-energy applications, announced electrodes coated with the company’s Nano NiFe™ catalysts to accelerate the production of clean hydrogen for industrial applications. These enhanced electrodes are available now in production quantities and custom sizes through the Company’s website here. A photo accompanying this release is available here.

Leveraging a proprietary advanced catalyst formulation, the Nano NiFe™ coated electrodes effectively increased the surface area of electrodes used in commercial electrolysis by approximately 1,000 times. This increase is due to the high surface area of the nickel and iron nano catalysts used to coat the electrodes. For example, one gram of Nano NiFe material has the surface area of about the size of a soccer field. These proprietary electrodes have demonstrated up to a threefold improvement in hydrogen output while maintaining energy efficiency, making it a commercially viable replacement for fossil fuel-based production methods. See below links for this and other industry news.

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Kevin D. Maloney, CEO
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