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Hydrogen is an increasingly hot topic in our industry and March has kept QuantumSphere preoccupied with hydrogen research and an upcoming event that will focus on developments in clean energy and power.

In that spirit, QuantumSphere is proud to announce its support of hydrogen storage research at the University of South Florida. The Company recently awarded a grant to the University to conduct research in the use of QuantumSphere’s proprietary nano catalysts in the advancement of hydrogen storage for fuel cell and transportation applications. The USF team will integrate nanomaterials into chemical hydrides for hydrogen storage devices and evaluate their ability to absorb and release hydrogen.

In addition, QuantumSphere is also co-sponsoring the 2008 Clean Energy and Power Forum at UCLA April 29, 2008, where key leaders from a wide industry spectrum will meet to discuss clean energy and power issues facing our world with a focus on near term business opportunities and commercialization of real solutions. Topics will include advances in Battery Power and Storage, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Generation Systems, Solar Power, among others.

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