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QuantumSphere Accelerates Hydrogen Economy – Files Key Patent on Catalyst Device for Low-Cost, High Efficiency Hydrogen Production – Breakthrough in Hydrogen Generation on Demand
Technology Leverages QSI-Nano®-Catalysts for Clean, Renewable Energy Applications

QuantumSphere, Inc. has announced the recent filing of a significant patent relating to clean hydrogen production. This patent compliments our renewable energy focus and enables highly efficient, low-cost hydrogen generation by electrolysis of water. QSI is well ahead of the Hydrogen Economy 2010 technical targets set by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. A summary of our hydrogen generation technology and recent performance results have been posted to the company website. This filing continues a consistent stream of technology innovations and intellectual property as the company develops disruptive solutions for clean, renewable energy applications.

“In order to accelerate the adoption of these highly active nano catalyst materials in disruptive solutions for clean-energy applications, it is critical that significant strides be made in the cost, efficiency, and environmental benefits of these processes,” stated Kevin Maloney, CEO, QuantumSphere, Inc. “These are the fundamental requirements that will enable all participants throughout the value chain to gain tangible advantages from the commercialization of clean, renewable energy sources. We are working actively with some of the world’s largest corporations to collaborate on achieving those goals, and these patents are the latest step in that ongoing process.”

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