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What We Dreamt as Children- How Conductive Polymers are Bringing Our Dreams to Reality
“Journal of Advanced Materials” Volume 38, No. 3, July 2006
By George Hansen, Metal Matrix

Almost anyone reading this article dreamt as a chid of robots that walk and talk as we do; and envisioned planes and space ships that change shape at will. We read of small ship able to navigate within our bodies. This was the stuff of thrilling novels, Saturday morning television and comic books. Of course, all of this was science fiction, as was travel to the moon or to the Mariner depths a century ago to our forefathers.

Just as our parents’ generation conquered the moon and mapped the depth of the seas, so now our generation is bringing the dreams ot our childhood to reality. These dreams become knowledgeable as we continually seek to understand the increasingly small world around us. But these advances in knowledge only create a solution in the mind, or at best on paper. These dreams are only implemented by the creation of advanced materials.

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