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QuantumSphere Assists Loyola Marymount University in Creating First-Ever Nanotechnology Certificate Program

Loyola Marymount University will offer a groundbreaking nanotechnology certificate program, with the assistance of QuantumSphere and other industry experts. QuantumSphere contributed to the overall structure and course content of the program. Kevin Maloney, CEO, and Pat Deane, CFO/COO, will serve as instructors for the module focusing on a real-world business case study.

“Nanotechnology will positively affect many aspects of our lives over the next decade, and we are very happy to be a part of this ground-breaking, educational program developed by Dr. Anthony Laviano, Nanotechnology Executive in Residence, and Dr. William Lindsey, Assistant Dean and Director,” said Maloney.

The program, Essentials in Understanding and Managing Nanotechnology, is being offered in four-hour modules over an eight-week period beginning September 28. Course modules include:
  • Course Introduction, Nanotechnology and Its Facets
  • Fundamentals of the Materials, Science and Technology in Nanotechnology
  • Manufacturing, Processes and Quality
  • Product Strategy, Technology Transfer, Patents and Ethics
  • Bringing Nanotechnology Products to Market
  • From R&D; to ROI – A Business Case Study
  • Putting it Together, Making the Case
  • Final Project Presentations
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