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QuantumSphere to Address Efficient, Clean Production of Hydrogen Fuel – Leverages Company’s Research, Nanoscale Products for Hydrogen Generation to Establish Disruptive Solution for Hydrogen Economy

The team at QuantumSphere is excited to announce it has launched a major research initiative to provide breakthrough capabilities for the generation of hydrogen that could deeply impact OEMs and consumers on a global scale. There is a significant pent-up demand in the marketplace for a solution that enables the cheap, clean and efficient production of hydrogen fuel. However, current methods of hydrogen generation have not adequately addressed these needs, as conventional methods of production ultimately require the use of fossil fuels to generate hydrogen– thus hampering the full realization of a hydrogen economy.

“The traditional method of producing hydrogen has been known for decades, and little has changed in this industry. Major oil companies have spent billions on their infrastructure and are thus slow to adopt new innovations in the hydrogen production process,” said Kevin Maloney, CEO, QuantumSphere, Inc. “As a result, hydrogen is still typically produced from steam reformation of hydrocarbons or gasified coal. Generally considered the most efficient process, steam reformation produces four pounds of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gasses) for every one pound of hydrogen produced. This presents a significant problem, since billions of pounds of hydrogen will be used as the market migrates toward the use of hydrogen and other renewable sources of energy, and away from conventional resources.”

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