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Performance Enhancement of the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell: Improved Low Temperature Electrical Performance Employing a Pt/nano-Cobalt Cathode Electrode

By K. McGrath, Ph.D.

High surface area nanometal particles of nano-cobalt (90 m2/g), produced at QuantumSphere Inc., were used in conjunction with finely divided platinum in direct methanol fuel cell cathode electrodes to determine if platinum loading could be reduced while increasing power. Total Pt loading was reduced by one-third, with an increase in electrical performance. Cells were investigated using a Nafion®-117 proton exchange membrane at fuel concentrations ranging from 0.5-10 M methanol at 22-30 oC. In the concentration ranges of 0.5-5M methanol, the cells employing a Pt/Co cathode outperformed a standard Pt cathode having a peak power density of 6.1 mW/cm2 versus 2.3 mW/cm2 for the standard. In addition to this electrical performance increase, cost of cathode catalyst was reduced by 30%.

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