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State Urged to Take Lead in Nanotechnology
Orange County Register, December 24, 2005

California must make immediate investments in education and infrastructure if it wants to be at the center of the estimated $1 trillion nanotechnology industry, a state task force recommended this week.

Nanotechnology, the science of manipulating matter at the molecular level, has already improved the stain resistance in khakis, the bounce in tennis balls and the moisturizer in lotions. But that’s only the beginning. The nascent sector promises countless other breakthroughs from toothpaste to spacecraft.

“The nanotech revolution is going to happen. The question is: Will California lead it? We’re here today to make sure we do,” state Controller Steve Westly said Monday, in announcing the recommendations of the nanotechnology task force he formed a year ago along with Rep. Mike Honda, D-San Jose. Westly is vying for the Democratic nomination to run against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in next year’s election.

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