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Metallic Nanopowders Address Vast Market
Nanoparticle News, November 2005
Nanoparticle News interviewed Kevin Maloney, president, CEO and co-founder of QuantumSphere Inc [QSI], for their Who’s Who in Nanotechnology section of the November issue.

NN: When and what led to the establishment of QSI’s commercial nanomaterials focus?

Maloney: Simply put, we were faced with a vast market that showed demands that were not being addressed. We are the only supplier of high quality magnetic, conductive and catalytic metallic nanopowders, which include nickel, silver, copper, cobalt and other proprietary nanoscale alloys. To put our firm’s existence into perspective, in just one of these markets, our low-cost nanometal catalysts will help significantly reduce dependency on platinum group metals– currently a $10-12 billion/year market. Potentially they could yield cost reductions of 30 percent in 2006 and up to 75 percent in 2008, or $1.5+ billion and $4.5+ billion annually.

NN: What nanomaterials goals do you have at QSI in the short and over the longer term?

Maloney: For the short-to-medium-term we will continue to be at the forefront of innovation, manufacturing and commercialization in the markets previously mentioned. Over the longer term, we’re getting a lot of customer demand in the areas of: battery electrodes; fuel cell catalysts; hydrogen storage devices; conductive and magnetic inks; filtration and sensing devices; water hydrolysis; and other applications.

NN: How entrenched are you in nanotechnology?

Maloney: The beauty of the nanotechnology market is that nobody is entrenched. There are large players like IBM and Hitachi that spend large sums on nanotech and there are other start-ups out there that ply interesting areas such as solar. Luckily for us, many of the start-ups are failing to build “real businesses”, they’re running through venture money, delivering little returns to their investors or the market, and have no process or product. From the day QSI was created, we only focused on markets that showed clear, pent-up demand for products that others simply could not make or produce on a commercial scale.

NN: How does your organization distinguish itself, both intellectually and philosophically, from other similar organizations which are focusing on exploiting NT-based products and their market opportunities?

Maloney: QSI is a highly-focused, market-driven company that is uniquely positioned since we have assembled the best management, scientific and advisory teams, and technology processes that will sustain our business over the long haul.

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