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QuantumSphere Opens New Manufacturing Facility
NanoBusiness Alliance, September 28

Metallic nanopowders manufacturer, QuantumSphere, Inc. has opened a new manufacturing facility and relocated the firm’s national headquarters to Santa Ana, California. QuantumSphere’s expanding customer base and science team necessitated the need for a new location to meet increasing product demand. The company supplies nano nickel/cobalt alloy and other magnetic, conductive and catalytic metallic nanopowders, including QSI-nano nickel (n-Ni), QSI-nano silver, QSI-nano copper and other proprietary alloys. These materials are designed to replace platinum as the main catalyst in fuel cells and other membrane electrode assemblies.

QuantumSphere provides a replacement solution in the multi-billion dollar platinum electrode market that will deeply impact the OEM and consumer marketplace while reshaping the platinum group metal catalyst landscape.

“We continue to execute our business strategy of rapid, deliberate, organic growth to meet the needs of our clients and partners in markets that demand advanced material applications,” said Kevin Maloney, CEO, QuantumSphere, Inc. “Customer demand for QuantumSphere’s products continues to exceed our aggressive sales and production goals. Our new manufacturing facility, combined with our ever-expanding team of world-class employees will ensure the quality and consistency of support to better serve our national, and international, customer base, while providing an exciting technical career path for the new members of QuantumSphere’s technical service team,” Maloney added.

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