Zinc-Air Batteries,  Portable Power Solutions
  QSI Mission/Values

Our Mission

To deliver low cost high performance products for clean energy and portable power applications leveraging QSI's advanced materials, integrated components, and proprietary system designs.

Our Values

  • Our team members are our greatest asset

  • Customers and partners are our highest priority

  • Product and process improvement are our competitive edge

  • Our growth is based on an inherent passion for continued innovation

  • Execution and measured performance ensure our long-term success

  • We are committed to conducting business in a manner that is just, ethical and protective of the environment

  • By adhering to these values, we believe our shareholders will be rewarded for our efforts

QSI is an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of high performance, low cost zinc-air power systems targeted at the $50 billion portable power market. Founded in 2002 and based in Santa Ana, California, QSI’s ISO 9001:2008 certified advanced catalyst production processes deliver a line of safe, reliable MetAir™ power generation products with the highest energy density of any commercially available primary battery, and at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour.

Perceiving the clear and growing need for reliable emergency back-up power solutions, QSI focused its advanced nanotechnology and product integration capabilities on developing reliable, safe, and portable zinc-air power systems that meet this critical demand. 

MetAir Ranger Portable Power System (PPS)

The MetAir™ Ranger PPS is the newest high performance disposable zinc-air battery system available - offering safe, lightweight, non-polluting back-up power for mission critical, emergency, and recreational applications.

Designed for “off-grid” backup power needs, when traditional sources of electrical power may be unavailable, the MetAir™ Ranger PPS is ideal for:

  • Emergency preparedness and response
  • Outdoor sports and recreation
  • Tactical military applications
  • Back-up power to run or charge consumer electronic devices

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Business Overview

QuantumSphere has assembled a world-class business and scientific team. The Company's seasoned industry veterans have consistently demonstrated the ability to develop, launch, build, and scale successful products and businesses. QuantumSphere has established a proven reputation by delivering superior advanced catalysts and integrated product solutions for multiple portable power and clean energy applications, demonstrating high capital efficiency and attracting blue-chip customers and partners.


QSI Quick Facts
Founded: 2002
Santa Ana, CA.
714.545.6266 (Phone)
info@qsinano.com (E-Mail)